‘Scandal’ Recap: O.M.G.

Four seasons in and it’s clear that in the world of Shondaland and the twists of Scandal, one rule is prominent …Trust. No. One.

Liv has been on the edge of falling apart since her return to D.C. and with the recent kidnapping of Jake and fickle foolery of her daddy, the Pope is gaining cloudy vision – which leads her to… dare we say it … lose a case in last night’s episode and lawd, to David Rosen – of all people. C’Mon Liv! (*insert Ed Lover voice)

The rundown of episode six: Liv is called upon by a convicted assassin, Leonard Carnahan, who claims he was wrongly accused of killing former President Cooper and his involvement of Fitz’s planned assassination two years ago.

And man, if this dude didn’t gain Olivia’s sympathy and then spit it out in her face something vicious…my goodness! He dished all Lies just to sit at the accomplished “assassins” table. The sickness.

Mellie becomes intrigued by a former First Lady, Bitsy Cooper, whose stories about building and running the White House while her now deceased husband gained all the accolades and credit, strikes a familiar cord with Mellie and the two are on a bonding trip.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, who’s been suspect from the beginning, is seemingly getting closer to her goal to corrupt the White House. Her pawn, Michael also now Cyrus’ boy toy, offers her more dirt on the terms of higher wages. This is getting nasty.

And Fitz… Fitz is so in love with Olivia that he makes a shocking move involving Liv’s “boyfriend” Jake – not to mention in the mix he gets played by Papa Pope without evening knowing. SMH.

Papa Pope is keeping his puppets dancing. The master manipulator.

Now, a few of the top O.M.G. moments:

1. Summer Breeze – Olivia having mental sexual flashbacks of being with Jake and Fitz as Ron Isley’s voice adds to the intensity with Summer Breeze. Only to be knocked back to consciousness while taking a swim and Papa Pope’s voice telling her to wake up!

2. Role Reversal: Mellie is back to First Lady material while Fitz is dresssed in bathrobe wallowing in the soreness of his hand, missing Olivia and oh … dude is a ball of confusion. Mellie, of course can’t exit a scene without a one-line hitta: “Want me to have Sam send you up some Fried Chicken?” Yasssss…

3. The confrontation: Abby hates hearing Liv experiencing her nightmares. She barges in to Fitz’ office demanding answers about Jake’s whereabouts. “Your knuckles are awfully bruised.” – Abby
Fitz: ” There’s an edge to the cliff.” Well, lawd, was that a threat Mr. President?

4. Bitsy Cooper: Every scene dealing with First Lady Cooper – pure excellence. Mellie has met her match and possibly, a true friend. Bitsy is also no stranger to the ganja and offers a smoke session with Mellie following her husband’s funeral.

5. The Flip and The Real: OLIVIA POPE GOT PLAYED. OPA lost a case.
“Does anyone remember the failed assassins?” -Leonard Carnahan

These last lines could not go without mention:

“Consider it my gift to the woman WE love.” – Fitz to Jake. The good news, Jake is ALIVE!

The Conversation: The Popes
You intervened to save Jake?”

“I intervened to save… both of them.”

“You crossed me Olivia.”

You may be Command, dad, but I have weapons that you could never possess.”

And then…she swims away.

Next week is going to be sooo good and whew, chile Scandalous! (*two snaps).