Scandal Recap: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

THE CLIENT: Trying to get her son’s file declassified, a seemingly soft-spoken new client of Olivia Pope’s named Mary takes matters in her own hands and shuts down the White House, threatening to detonate a homemade bomb strapped to her chest until she gets answers for her son’s death.  Backstory: The FBI gunned down her son, claiming he was a terrorist, and she strongly believes he was innocent. However, Olivia– suspecting something is amiss with her newest name on the roster– follows her to the White House and ends up  among the hostages so things take an explosive turn on Scandal, literally.

Standing in the line of fire while trying to talk her new client out of pressing the bomb and blowing up everybody, Olivia acts quickly to save her and the fellow hostages. But with Fitz running things on the outside, Olivia uses herself as a human shield (believable, y’all?) and Fitz immediately halts all plans of shooting Mary once they got a clean shot from the window.

THE SUBPLOT: It looks as though Huck has some plans of his own this episode. He is MIA and unable (or unwilling) to help with the bomb situation, leaving Baby Huck behind struggling to fill his shoes.  Rowan better watch his back because Huck is out to kill!  Meanwhile back at the office, the Gladiators are pulling all the strings in a panic to get Olivia out safely. “Baby Huck is choking,” says Abby as she gives Olivia the update from over the phone. Quinn is definitely a mini version of Huck. He has created a little monster.

And is it just me, or do you feel a love triangle brewing this episode? Looks like Fitz wasn’t prepared to get a private call from his good friend Jake. (Or should I say the enemy at this point?) It’s definitely all about Team Fitz or Team Jake, because everyone knows Olivia has a thing for both of them. I guess only time will tell how this story unfolds.

BACK TO THE ACTION: But it looks like Quinn isn’t the only one choking. Just when he had a clean shot to kill Rowan, Huck realizes that even after all this time, Olivia’s daddy still has control over him.

THE RESOLUTION: A look into the classified files reveals that Mary’s  gut was right about her son, as only Olivia is allowed to learn. But to save other lives, Olivia must keep quiet that Mary’s son was actually a government operative and hero, not a homemade terrorist.  It is true: the  FBI made a terrible mistake cutting him down.  Our white-hat wearers decision to keep this information from a grieving mother ends in the poor woman detonating the bomb and killing only herself in the process.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Olivia, covered in debris from nearly being destroyed by a bomb, wants answers now!  She goes home to face off with Jake.  The one question she wants answered more than talking to Fitz or going off on her dad is how did Jake get there? “This is not a fairytale nor a happy ending,” says Olivia, as she knows it’s more to this story of Jake being freed from the hole, knowing her dad.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: “She’s the strings that if need be I will pull to make my puppet husband dance,” Mellie says of Olivia during her drunk rant to Fitz after he accuses her of wishing Olivia was killed in the standoff. Mellie knows how he really feels and what he ultimately wants so why not use it to her advantage? A woman always has a game plan and she put all her cards on the table. Looks like Mellie won this round.

YOUR TURN: What did you think of last night’s episode?  Exciting? Unbelievable? Amazing?  And does Shonda Rhimes have a thing for explosives?  ‘Memba that pink mist on “Grey’s Anatomy?”