‘Scandal’ Recap: Mama Said Knock You Out

You’d think that after three seasons, I’d be completely desensitized to all of Scandal‘s “shockers.” But, they get me every time and this week’s episode was FULL of them.

First, let’s talk about the Grant children. We’re introduced to them through scenes of Olivia running around the White House trying to postpone the family’s campaign interview. The kids are back and they’re trying to Huck things up. Both of the kids are anti-Fitz and little Jerry even has the “Pro-Reston” shirt to prove it.

While the Grant kids are plotting revenge, Mellie and Fitz try to pull themselves together. In one of their few onscreen moments acting as husband and wife, Mellie is helping Fitz fix his tie and running down quick facts about their kids. He doesn’t even know the name of the play his daughter was in. Maybe if you paid as much attention to your children as you do what color “coat” Liv is wearing every week, you’d know these things, Fitz! You won’t be receiving a Father of the Year award anytime soon…

“You Run, You Hide, Or You Die”

Back at Olivia Pope & Associates, Liv and the Gladiators are scheming up a plan to shut down B613: cut off their money supply. But they can’t figure out where the money is coming from. Huck tries to divert Olivia’s attention from B613 to saving Quinn. B613 is nothing to tamper with and Quinn is more important (to him); however, Liv is still in her feelings about Quinn pulling a gun on her and putting her out of the car. Guess she’ll save your girlfriend when she learns some respect.

Speaking of Quinn, she and Charlie are having a lovers’ quarrel over what really happened with Huck in her apartment. He’s not buying that all they did was argue and he spends the entire episode probing for answers. This jealous boyfriend card Charlie is playing has me nervous. Either he really loves her or he’s looking for a reason to kill her. Either way, both are scary.

Back at the White House, Andrew and Mellie are going for round two, but her daughter catches Andrews with is pants down. And Mellie? Well, she’s just,umm, down. And I’m sitting there like…


All the rooms in the White House and you get caught Mellie??!! She’s such a rookie.

“’I’ Decide If America Sleeps At Night”

Meanwhile, Jake decides to pay Fitz a visit. Before he can explain why he’s there, Fitz pulls the “Leader of The Free World” card and demands that Jake hand over Demitri. Jake quickly checks his ego and reminds him that he has no real power. His job is to merely sit there and look pretty.  Out of nowhere, Cyrus bursts into the Oval Office and tries to take Jake’s head off with a paperweight. Or whatever that was.  I thought Jake was going to kill him on the spot. Instead, he puts him in a brief choke hold and walks away.  *whew* He can’t kill James AND Cyrus. Someone has to be around to take care of the baby!!

Back at OPA, Adna is punking out of whatever deal she made with Mama Pope and runs to Liv for help. She’s ready to give them any information they need as long as they promise her immunity.  Liv isn’t having it, until Harrison tells her that he kind of owes her one. Good thing for for Adnan that Liv has a soft spot for Harrison.

Later, Quinn meets up with Huck to figure out why he’s looking for her. Two weeks ago, he was ripping out her teeth. Last week, he wanted to kill her. Now he wants to save her? Quinn is confused and so am I.  In new Sassy Quinn fashion, she tells Huck to check it at the door. It doesn’t work that way. Then, the ultimate payback–she licked HIS face!!

I Never Would’ve Cheated”

So, Mellie is really trying her hand at this “mommy” thing and the “kids” are shooting her down every chance they get. Karen, her daughter, pretty much tells her that she sucks at life for cheating on her father with Uncle Andrew and that she’s ruined the family. To add insult to injury, when Fitz walks in, she tells him exactly what Mellie and Andrew were up to. Ouch! No mercy.

Hearing this, Fitz wastes no time finding Andrew and smashing his face in.  Afterward, he tracks down Mellie and confronts her about the affair. This is where things all start to make sense. As they argue, Fitz tells Mellie that for 10 years, he dealt with a wife that wouldn’t sleep with him because he felt guilty, like everything was his fault. It seems Andrew is the reason Mellie stopped having sex with Fitz and eventually pushed him into Liv’s arms. “I never would’ve cheated,” he says as Olivia listens from outside of the room.

While we’re on the topic, can we also talk about how Liv spends the entire episode overstepping her boundaries? From approaching Andrew and telling him to stay away from Mellie, to interrupting Fitz and Mellie during their argument over Mellie’s affair, Liv is definitely biting off more than she can chew. She gets to hear with her own ears that Fitz really loved Mellie and the ONLY reason he was ever with Liv was because Mellie stopped giving it up. She busts in on them just before Mellie could spill the beans on being raped by Big Jerry. Then Fitz basically tells her to kick rocks. “I’M TALKING TO MY WIFE!!” Yep, that was the gut check felt around the world. Put on your turn signal Liv and get back in your lane.

I think she might have tried to take my advice after she stormed out of the White House. She barely reaches the gates when Cyrus catches up with her. He needs her to stay. Fitz needs her to stay. EVERYBODY needs her to say. She’s the HELP! Oh, child!! Even when the other characters TRY to be nice to Liv, they fail miserably.


Given the fact that Abby has found Harrison on the floor of OPA after being drugged by Adnan, I could think of a few places Liv should be instead. Quinn is finding people, too. She comes home after a long day of killing folks to find that Charlie’s moved into her apartment to keep a closer eye on her. At that moment, I’m no longer confused. I’ve decided I should be scared of him and  Quinn should, too. He’s CRAZZZY.

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