‘Scandal’ Recap: Inside the Bubble

How do you spell awkward? I know …

A “family” dinner with Olivia, Papa Pope and Jake (from State Farm).

Quinn locked up in a cement square with none other than Charlie.

Mellie attempting to prove a young bride’s innocence … to officials who already know the truth. Let’s start there, shall we?

After becoming engrossed with the latest news story about the “killer cliff bride,” a young woman who may or may not have pushed her new husband off a cliff, Mellie decides to help her.

Abby kindly reminds the first lady that going to Yosemite would be a “distraction” to the president’s gun control legislation, so then Mellie has the bright idea to bring the park officials to the White House. Abby thinks she’s cray cray, but after Mellie declined to visit her son’s grave, Fitz insists that she gets whatever she wants.

Could the old Mellie we know and love be making a comeback?

In an attempt to feel “normal” again (not that she ever was), Olivia stops by her dad’s house with coffee in hand. Rowan aka Command aka Papa Pope says he can relate to her re-entry into the “real world” because he’s been there, done that. In a seemingly nice gesture, he invites Olivia and Jake over for dinner.

But Jake is not here for it because Olivia is not his girlfriend. Damn. But he does offer to “do that thing to her.” Well, hello!

Afterward, Jake finds his B-613 compadre Charlie, smashes his head into a vending machine and prepares to cut him up like a piece of meat. Who are you and what have you done with good ol’ vanilla Jake?!

Charlie demands to see Quinn, er … Robin, and promises Jake he’ll tell him whatever he wants to know about Harrison’s death. Into the chamber you go, Quinn! After some uncomfortable bantering, Quinn and Charlie make out briefly before Jake interrupts. Apparently time is up … but what does this mean? What does any of this mean?!

Quinn returns to Olivia Pope & Associates, which is working on a case involving a missing teenage girl, and is salty because no one noticed she was missing. Whoomp whoomp 🙁

Later, Jake reluctantly agrees to go to dinner at the Pope’s. While Olivia takes a call from Huck, Jake attempts to come after Rowan and says he knows the truth about the president’s son and Harrison. Oh, Jake. Jakey Jake Jake … don’t you know you cannot read Papa Pope?! He will roast you into the ground! Don’t believe me?

“I’ll be the one standing over you when you die,” Rowan tells Jake after nearly stabbing him in the hand.

Next week, it’s the face-off we’ve all been waiting for between Olivia and Fitz! Tell us what you think will happen in the comments!