‘Scandal’ Recap: Flesh and Blood

That awkward moment when EVERY SCENE minute Scandal is, well…an AWKARD moment. This week’s episode was FULL of them. I’m talking B613/OPA alliances; Rowan having a run in with his ex-wife’s lover; Huck, Charlie and Quinn all working together . Straight up sensory overload. SHONDA STOP!! MY BRAIN!! Speaking of Quinn and Huck…ummm GROSS!! But we’ll get to that later. Lets dig in.

“What are YOU doing here?”
When we last saw them, Jake had the claws of death wrapped around Olivia’s throat, screaming bloody murder at her for turning off the lights at his job; allowing Maya Pope to get away with a bomb targeted at the President.  This episode, the lights are off at B613, Olivia’s momma is trying to kill Fitz and everyone is standing around Olivia’s office looking crazy. B613 Command (Past and Present), OPA, the Huckleberry/Quinn love triangle and the White House have all ended up in this one office for a common purpose, “Find Maya Pope and snatch her wig.”  Nothing brings a bunch of criminals together like their mutual hatred for another criminal.

Although Olivia, Rowan and her two boyfriends have all come together, things are far from cordial. Jake has the ultimate Drake moment and outs Liv front of Fitz for sleeping with him simply to hack and steal information from his cell phone. We’re trying to FIND a bomb and here he goes dropping them! Messy!!  Rowan refuses to work with Jake. So, Olivia kicks him out. Jake pretty much begs her to let him stay at the bomb party by trying to convince her that her father is still evil and is using her for his own selfish reasons. Liv makes a few of her signature “I’m so surprised I think I’m going to cry faces” but ultimately tell Jake to beat it. So much for being the “Hand Of God” Jake……….….elevator going down.

“You’re Grounded”
Aside from Jake’s melodramatics they’re able to formulate a plan; keep Fitz at the White house where he’ll be safe while they try to track down Maya.
Meanwhile, Huck, Charlie and Quinn are tasked with finding Dominic Bell; Momma Pope’s boy toy and side hustle bomb maker. Huck has a game plan but Charlie is in his feelings since he thinks Quinn is cheating with Huck. He comes up all of the reasons why Huck plan won’t work. So, Huck just leaves, comes back 15 Scandal minutes later with a bound and gagged Dominick and drops him on the floor like a boss. All the while Quinn is staring at him like she wants to lick his face again. Mission accomplished.  While Fitz is grounded in the White House, he finds out that a Senator, who was a key player in his previous campaign on immigration law, has passed away. He calls Liv and begs for permission to leave the house to perform the eulogy for the funeral and to beat Sally Langston to the votes. Liv says no. She needs him alive so that he can when the election and they can keep creeping. Fitz gasses up Marine one and sneaks out the back door. Just like a brat. SMH.

“You Owe Me”
On another side of town, Leo Bergin is creeping around high school campuses recruiting girls to sleep with Little Jerry, gather his DNA and promising them Harvard acceptance letters. I’m just going to leave that there. When Rowan finds out, he alerts Liv who marches right over to the White House to confront Mellie assuming that Andrew is the potential baby daddy. At this point, Mellie has been getting wasted ALL episode. So she’s not trying to hear ANY of Olivia’s spirit condemning guilt speeches. She goes off in a fit of rage about wanting to see Fitz burn for what he’s done to her. Then, lets it slip that the actual father might be Fitz’s dad I’ve been waiting ALL SEASON for Mellie to tell Fitz what Big Jerry did to her and she wastes this moment telling LIV?? How anti-climatic.

“Strange Love”
Back at OPA Huck, Quinn and Charlie are grilling Dominic for information on the bomb but he’s not breaking. Fed up and impatient Rowan drags him into a room and tries a different strategy. He pops a bullet into his gun, calls up his ex wife and tells her he’s about to shoot her boyfriend if she doesn’t tell them where the bomb is. So much for that; Maya Pope chucks the deuces to Dominic and hangs without so much as a second thought. Keeping his word, Rowan still pulls the trigger and kills Dominic right there in OPA. All this over a crazy, terrorist, bomb planting ex wife who doesn’t love you Rowan?? Petty.

In other news, Liv is telling Jake that she wishes she was a thug like her mother so she wouldn’t feel anything for anyone. She’s feeling guilty for sleeping with him and still loves Fitz. Back at OPA, Quinn and Huck are so busy having what looks like a bad cross between sex and cold-blooded murder in the parking garage that they let Maya Pope walk right past them. We find out later that Maya put the paws on Rowan when Liv finds daddy bloody and sprawled out on the floor.

Jake finds outs that the bomb is NOT at the rally in Defiance but rather at the CHURCH where the senator’s funeral services is being held. He tells Cyrus to clear the church and he almost did, until he hears that Sally is there. Cyrus was like “OH…Sally’s in the church??!!” In that case, let put this phone down real quick and act like this conversation never happened” *skips through the white house* Cyrus can just stop washing his hands.   There’s no bottle of hand sanitizer big enough. Just….just forget it.

By the end of this episode we know the bomb is going to blow. The question is: Who’s going to make it out alive?

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