‘Scandal’ Recap: Everyone Gets “Pope’d”

Like Daddy, Like Daughter.

Though Olivia Pope walks around in an elegant white hat and white coat, she still has that Pope-blood running through her veins, the difference, any venom that comes from her is with good purpose and saving the life of another.

In last night’s episode, Liv had a war of words with Daddy, oh, snap, no, Liv’s verbal war was with Command and it was thrilling. Eye intensity and a monologue delivered from Command that would have everyone in the room startled and in fear for Liv, was taken in and shrugged off by Papa Pope’s daughter.

The business was already handled.

Top five lines of “Baby Made A Mess”:

1. Abby & Liv
Scenario: How to get her ex-husband, the woman beater, out of winning the Senate seat when he’s already been endorsed by President Fitz.

Abby: You can’t handle this.
Liv: Watch me.

Conclusion: It was handled.

2. David Rosen & Liv:
Scenario: Liv trying to get access into the Pentagon

David: This isn’t for Jake! (*Hilarious!)
Liv: Who said I was going to see Jake?
David: Oh my god, I’ve been Poped and I didn’t even know it.

3. Tom & Liv:
Scenario: Liv gains access to see Tom to get the truth about who ordered him to kill the President’s son.

Tom: Oh you, you think you have a father? I’m sorry you think you have a father. You don’t have a father. You have Command. I could protect Fitz from everyone, except you, Ms. Pope. Helen of Troy the face that launched a thousand ships.

4. Abby.
Scenario: After pulling gun on ex-husband and threatening to shoot him. She goes straight to Liv.

Abby: They came. We fixed. We conquered. Monica Lewinsky etc…They stood up and told their story, but where are they now?

I think from the last few episodes, it is now safe to deem Abz #AbbyTurnUp.

5. Papa Pope & Liv:
Scenario: Verbal War after Liv visits Tom.

Command: When I strike, it is precise and for a reason.

Liv: What’s clear is that you seem to have wasted a lifetime doing all the wrong things.

Command: Olivia, against me, you will lose.

Then, Tom gets a knifed-message that lands him in the hospital and ready to spill the truth to Liv. And the truth comes out.

The killer: Fitz & Liv
Fitz: How did you get him to confess?
Liv: He’s a B613 Agent, I handled him just like my father did.

You can’t escape the Pope daggers.

The next scene, is the most intense ‘Hi” ever. I’ll just say, Olivia Pope, President Fitzgerald Grant and Jake Ballard…in one room.

Ok, now we’re seeing how Shonda is working us this season. The magic happens within the final moments of the episode. Intensity builds in the last, say, 15 minutes, and then BOOM! The perfect way to keep the scandal-induced addiction going strong.

I like it. I like it, a lot.