‘Scandal’ Recap: A Door Marked Exit

During the first part of Scandal‘s two-part winter finale, we found out more about Mama Pope and what really happened on the day she left.

Olivia walked us through flashbacks as she finally began to put the pieces together that there might be more to her mother than she thought. Meanwhile, Huck has gotten Quinn aboard and it looks like she is in the midst of taking down Command aka Rowan–even if it means killing him. But that’s not looking like such a good idea now that Olivia has questions that only daddy can answer.

Deadly Sin

This week’s episode opened with Vice President Sally Langston and her husband Daniel Douglas arguing just moments before she murders him and we see exactly what drove Sally to “commit a sin.” Apparently their marriage was one of convenience: Daniel needed a cover-up to hide his sexuality and Sally needed a man to boost her political career. After Daniel says he’s leaving her and turns to walk out, Sally stabs him in the back. With a blood-spattered face, she calls on Cyrus, who then calls Charlie and Quinn to “cover up” the murder scene and decides they’ll tell everyone Daniel died of a heart attack in bed. (Hmm…haven’t we seen this one before?)

Just before the doctor prepares to investigate the body, Sally throws herself on top of her husband and Cyrus talks the doctor into skipping that part. How convenient. Now the White House has Sally right where they want her. There’s no way she’ll run against Fitz now, right?

Hunt for Rowan

Meanwhile, Olivia has sent her associates to find out exactly where her father is, thereby finding Quinn as well. She’s a bit salty with Huck for hurting Quinn and taking matters into his own hands. While in the basement of the Pentagon, Fitz and Rowan are not hitting it off too well. Bragging on his sex-capades with Olivia, Fitz tries to get a reaction out of Rown. But Command launches into a two-and-a-half-minute soliloquy reminding Fitz that he is just a spoiled little rich kid and he is only using Olivia as a way out into manhood, or as the show’s title suggests, “a door marked exit.”

Olivia calls Fitz and demands to see her dad. She sits down with him face-to-face and finally puts the pieces together–her mother lied to him about there being a bomb on the plane, causing him to save her and kill hundreds of people in the process. Feeling enraged, Olivia demands for Fitz to get her mother and lock her up; however, Fitz finds out that the plane never made it to Hong Kong and Mama Pope has escaped by killing the crew.

Quinn’s Dilemma

Stuck in B6-13 care, Quinn battles with knowing what to do now that everything is all out. Charlie feels he is in love with her, hoping to get her to stay; however, Quinn vanishes from his home in the night. She meets back at Gladiators’ headquarters hoping to talk Huck into letting her back in, but he wants nothing to do with her. He tells her she is no longer a Gladiator and Quinn finds herself back at Charlie’s place.

New Command

After confessing his love to Olivia, Jake lets her know that he is about to leave. Olivia warns him that her father will come after them, but Jake assures her Fitz can handle it.

As Rowan is cut loose and refuses to give Olivia answers, he makes his way back to his office. He opens the door only to see Jake in his chair explaining he is now Command of B6-13. Woah. Looks like Rowan is out of a job and it’s all thanks to Fitz.

But it’s not over yet. Olivia gets an unexpected call from non other than her mother letting her know she will see her soon. As Mama Pope drops her cell phone in the trash, we see that she is, in fact, in front of the White House. Oh snap!

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