SCANDAL RECAP: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

After last night’s Scandal episode, February can’t come soon enough.

Snickerdoodles, china patterns, one big abortion/break up and a jar of hooch are just a few things that made the episode “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” so amazing.

Olivia trying to play First Lady and a D.C. housewife made it seem like her gladiator days were over. But when she gets approached at a White House party about a “problem” the hope of a political scandal that needs fixing is oh-too-obvious in Olivia’s eyes, but when that problem turns out to be a missing cookie recipe we know the white hat isn’t hung up forever.

In fact, there was more than one situation that Olivia officially handled last night.

She first made good on her promise to hunt down the cookie recipe and even delivered a fresh batch to the senator’s wife who asked. She helped Mellie out of a jam on the Senate Floor, got an abortion, broke up with Fitz/moved out of the White House and got a new couch.

Root for an Olitz reunion all you want but I’m thinking a single Olivia is where it’s at.

A lot of ugly truths came out about her relationship with Fitz and he finally called her out on how she’d rather let her murderous father out of jail than put a ring on it.

Remember when they used to fantasize about the house in Vermont and staying home and making jam? Having kids? Well, between the abortion and her drunken hooch rampage, Olivia squashed that dream for the both of them.

Turns out the White House really is a prison, and we all know Olivia does not make a good hostage.

Abby looked appalled that Olivia was actually taking the time to pick out china patterns, and even more disturbed that she was good at it. But as Olivia exits the White House with her bags, Abby watches her leave with a look of satisfaction (Truth: I was feeling the same.)

Back at home in her own space, Olivia gets a new couch that signifies she’s ready for a new beginning as a single lady ready to run the world.

Hopefully, this means coming back from the winter break we’ll see the ‘O’ back in OPA.