Scandal Premiere Recap: Liv and Let Liv

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more heated, Olivia opens up the premiere in the hot seat with the world throwing around her name as the President’s mistress. Her mysterious dad is  all over her case to get on a plane and leave the country, but come on, we all know Olivia Pope doesn’t back down from a challenge.

The answer we’ve all been waiting for; who told the secret?

Olivia, clearly running out of options and clients, calls for a secret meeting to discuss strategy.  However, to our surprise, it’s not just with Fitz; she wants Mellie in on it too.

When Fitz and Olivia opt to tell the truth and just come clean about everything, Mellie pipes up to say she is NOT having that. Fitz chimes in as Mellie is going off on her tangent about what she will not say to public with the painful truth.  The First Lady just does not want it known, the Commander-in-Chief contends:  “that I’m in love with another woman.” **mouth drops**

(Did he just really tell his wife that?)

Yes he did! He finally admits his love for Olivia in front of Mellie!

Olivia is clearly trying to keep her composure (despite being called a whore about a hundred times)  and come up with a plan to pacify Mellie’s feelings.  In the end, our favorite strategist decides to lie about the  precise details in the affair.She settles with saying it happened a couple of times and that’s about it.  Satisfied with the plan, Mellie stalks out, leaving Fitz and Olivia alone.

The scene ends with Olivia finally breaking down as Fitz is holding her in a super-tight embrace, but she finally breaks way and just leaves.  Oh, these star-crossed lovers!

But wait, we still don’t know who leaked her name…  Well, be patient.

Just as the trio has made clandestine plans to do a press conference outing this  slightly massaged truth, Mellie comes up with a better idea and executes it in typical sly fashion. Confronting her husband after she frames an innocent white house aide, she asks of the earlier plan: “Who would benefit the most? My idealistic, romantic, optimistic, idiotic husband.”

She suspects it was Fitz’s  big idea to get Olivia in the White House and lo and behold, she was right. Fitz admits he had his Secret Service leak her name but it was only to free Olivia from Mellie’s control.

However Fitz is not happy about Mellie’s scheme that frames an innocent girl.  Neither is Olivia as she confronts her Gladiator staff.  We cannot wait until next week.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: Daddy Pope says, “You have to work twice as hard to get half as much.”  Whoa! This was a pivotal line in this week’se pisode for the double meaning it carries. With Olivia being a Black woman, she has to work twice as hard and keep her composure because she will never be able to get what Mellie has.  Mellie showed that last night by denying Olivia what she ultimately wants: Fitz. She even used Olivia’s team as pawns in her little scheme. Mellie didn’t mind letting the affair out, she just didn’t want to let the world know that her husband was in love with another woman.

Your Turn: What did you think of this week’s episode? Is Cyrus really a true friend to Olivia?  Is Daddy Pope really trying to ‘silence’ or protect Olivia?  And what really happened to Olivia’s mom?  Last, did you play our Scandal drinking game, and if so, could you even stand up afterward? Let us know in the comments!