‘Scandal’ Is Saying Goodbye Next Season #weepmuch?

Scandal will end after season seven marking the end of an era.

We’ve rocked with Olivia Pope, her stunning wardrobe, the Gladiators and the on again off again Olitz for six seasons so far, but after next season we will officially have to bid Scandal farewell. The groundbreaking series which positioned Kerry Washington as the first Black woman to lead a drama series on network TV in forty years is coming to an end. Though ABC gave the seventh season the green light earlier this year, it’s clear now that it’s the last renewal we will ever get from Shonda Rhimes’ fixer drama.

When it first premiered, Scandal was a ratings hit drawing in huge numbers following the long-running Grey’s Anatomy. However, in recent years and specifically after a rocky fifth season, many fans were seemingly over it, Though the storyline is back on track this season, for the most part, it looks like Rhimes and ABC are ready to say goodbye.

In the past, Rhimes has always stated that she knows exactly where Olivia Pope and her Gladiators will end up when everything is said and done. However, with the recent Presidential election, she seems to have shifted her tone. Last month in celebration of Scandal’s 100th episode she told The Hollywood Reporter,

“I used to know how it ended, and then Donald Trump was elected… We had a destination, and I don’t know if that’s our destination anymore. There was a very specific planned progression that was going to be easy to tell because Hillary was going to be president, and we were going to be living in the light… But it didn’t occur. I’m still trying to come to terms with that. One bad thing after another keeps happening, and the world feels very unstable. So in a world in which all of the things that we would write on ‘Scandal’ are happening in real life, it’s very hard to write ‘Scandal’ the way we used to, when it was like, ‘Let’s make Washington the most outrageous, horrifying place it could ever be’… Any of the stories we planned now just feel like we’re copying what’s happening in reality, which is insane.”

We think lucky seven is the perfect way for Scandal to say goodbye. With Kerry Washington’s new production company and Rhimes’ new Shondaland series Still Star-Crossed, we’re excited to see what these ladies do next.

Are you still watching Scandal?