‘Scandal’ Episode 2 Recap: Such A Dirty Game

Blackmail, grief and booty calls. Episode two of Scandal‘s fourth season is serving so much and this time everyone seems to be channeling the Queen that is Olivia Pope.

The track-racing reads, dirt digging, story spinning and rationale are being tossed from every angle and every character.

This Jake and Liv situation keeps the steam going – even with petty arguments. But truth is, Jake is no fool and knows the real. When they’re in D.C., it’s Fitz territory when it comes to Liv’s heart. So, he’ll play his part – slightly flipping the script on his fake girlfriend.

While the two are on a morning run, he casually slips in he booked a hotel for booty calls.


Before Liv could collect her thoughts, good ol’ Cyrus Bean is in the distance summoning her with just a look.

To that Jake responds: That right there, is a political booty call. I’ll see you later.

Is it just me, or is Jake getting more thuggy and blatant? I am all the way here for it! #TeamJake

And then the blackmail ensues. Cyrus reminds Olivia while she may no longer work for the White House, she will forever be tied because of Fitz. (And yes, Fitz and Liv are still testing their wits when it comes to each other – but will distance make hearts grow fonder?)

On this not-so-lovely and side-eyed friendly chat Cy informs Olivia that President Grant is preparing for his State of The Union Address and it is imperative for a certain couple to be there, The Elliotts.

And therein lies Liv’s new job. The Eliotts are America’s Sweethearts. James is a former Army Vet who was tortured by the Taliban and his wife, Lisa is a teacher who was shot in the spine during a horrific school shooting. The two would strategically aide in the president’s gun control agenda.

However, in the middle of their OPA consultation, it’s evident that the couple hate each other- even to the point that James ends up with a corkscrew in his thigh later in the episode and both threaten to not attend the STOU address. The drama.

Olivia, without doubt does her thing and the couple is present at the address.

In the midst of it all, Abby is still fighting to be seen being that she does actually work in the White House, David Rosen has a few Olivia Pope-ish tricks up his sleeve by digging up bribery dirt on Senator Watson and blackmailing him for the attorney general position; Jake is mysteriously (as always) looking into Harrison’s murder and that of another person (?); and ugh goodness, Huck and Quinn are a freakish mess. Meanwhile, our dear Mellie is still serving classic reads wearing her purple robe, Ugg boots and stuffing Southern fried chicken and potato chips while mourning the death of her son.

Our quotables and episode highlights, below!
photo 1

‘The Bootycall’ bomb. Liv seems opposed to the idea and was fine with Jake living with her… but Jake definitely gets that call one time and the second Liv showed up at his door and uh… #Room207 got heated!

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