Say What?! Vivica A. Fox Calls Out 50 Cent

I hope you’re near a few palm trees because Vivica A. Fox is throwing major shade toward her ex-boo 50 cent.

Now, we don’t know if Viv is still in her feelings about their split many moons ago, but she may have just committed image suicide after an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen.

During her appearance on the Sunday night broadcast, she called 50’s sexuality into question. 50 has a thing for social media and is extremely competitive in nature, so when Andy referenced comments he made about Empire sinking in ratings due to all the “gay stuff,” Viv responded with …well, just watch below:

Yeah…all the shade.

Coincidentally, that could have been Vivica’s way of sticking up for the show, being that she will make a guest appearance this season. Whatever her intent, this battle will not be a pretty one.

Nevertheless, she cleared the air, stating that 50 is not gay, but a throwback XXL cover he shot with Soulja Boy “seems like he’s got something that’s not quite right.”

50 fired back on Instagram.

Souljah Boy took his comeback to the ‘gram as well.

Ouch! In case you’re not familiar with the cover being referenced:


Yeeaap, when this issue came out, I recall a few double takes. But dang, Vivica, was it really worth a few minutes of buzzy headlines – NOT in your favor?