Say What!? Isaiah Washington Catches Heat


In today’s foolery, we have actor Isaiah Washington. The former Grey’s Anatomy star made comments in response to Chris Rock’s social media campaign to raise awareness about racial profiling by police.

His advice in a nutshell: Sell your nice car and conform to the majority.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.04.26 PM

No, Thanks.

The failed rhetoric landed the actor on CNN with Don Lemon where he tried to clarify his tweet and for once, it was Lemon who actually made sense. Peep the discussion:

Ha! He sounds just about as confused as this image looks – (Look up!)

Isaiah, conforming is not how this works. The idea that Black people should “adapt” to being racially profiled is a sad mentality. Becoming complacent with an issue that has followed the Black culture since slavery is not even the beginning of a working notion to combat the situation.

Of course, it’s only natural these days that a twitter thread be dedicated…#TweetLikeIsaiahWashington. Enjoy. 🙂