Sanaa Lathan Talks ‘The Perfect Guy’

Superstar Sanaa Lathan’s film, “The Perfect Guy,” will be out in theaters soon. The leading lady reunited with Actor Morris Chestnut for the dramatic thriller, which also stars Michael Ealy. The film follows the story of a successful lobbyist who finds herself in the midst of a dangerous love triangle.

In this JET exclusive, Sanaa offers her take on love, dating, and her idea of “the perfect guy.”

JET: How would you describe the film?

Sanaa Lathan: Leah Vaughn is a professional woman who’s ready to settle down and start a family. Her boyfriend Dave (played by Morris Chestnut) is kind of dragging his feet about the whole thing. She ends up breaking up with Dave and jumping into a relationship with Carter (played by Michael Ealy). Carter is charming, he’s thrilling and they have amazing chemistry. Then one day she see’s a side of him that makes her realize he’s not as perfect as she thought, and that he’s a little off. She decides to break it off with Carter and rekindle things with Dave, and that’s when things start going crazy.

JET: Are you and Leah similar? Did you find anything about the role to be particularly challenging?

Sanaa Lathan: Not challenging, but I could relate to her in the sense that I’ve been in situations where men weren’t who I thought they were in the beginning. I completely understand where she’s coming from. I think a lot of women, and even men really, will be able to see themselves in her and the situation she’s in. Not quite to the extreme to which it gets, but being in a situation where things went too fast and suddenly got out of hand.

JET: What influence do you think social media has on dating (for others and yourself)?

Sanaa Lathan: Social media is a place where you decide what you make it. I think online dating allows you to get to know someone and fall in love with ideas of them. I believe in taking your time with someone before rushing into any commitment or relationship. Overall, I think social media is an avenue for expression. I chose to make mine about building my brand, interacting with fans, and sharing my selfies. While it can be a place to spread and perpetuate rumors and lies, I like to use it for positivity.

JET: Describe your “perfect” guy.

Sanaa Lathan: No ones perfect, I think it’s moreso about finding the perfect match for you. I get to know someone from the inside out, I don’t really have a physical type. For me, I need someone who makes me laugh, can clearly communicate, has fun with life, and is confident in themselves. As an actress, I need someone who understands that sometimes my job will take me away for a while, and I’ll be working with other men in the industry.

JET: What was it like working with two Hollywood hunks?

Sanaa Lathan: Morris and I obviously have  worked together before in The Best Man, but this is the first time we’ve had one-on-one scenes together and were able to work as partners. Michael and I have met before, but we never really worked together. I’ve always been a fan of him and his work, and it was great to be able to work with him. They’re both great, down-to-earth guys who made sure they made me look good. A lot of actors in this industry are self centered, but these guys were so real — AND easy on the eyes.

JET: Any advice for people who may find themselves in a love triangle?

Sanaa Lathan: I think in order to even prevent that, communication is key. I don’t see anything wrong with dating two people at once, but if you’re doing that, make that very clear to the people you’re involved with. Make sure there’s no deception or secrets going on. You just have to be careful as far as what your expectations are and the kind of relationship, if any, you’re trying to have.

Catch Sanaa in “The Perfect Guy.” The film hits theaters on September 11. Keep up with Sanaa via social media, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.