JETSUITE: Sam Trump Performs “Brother”

Sam Trump

JETSuite is a monthly artist series that provides an intimate live performance experience from acoustic sets to spoken word to readings and real-time painting.


When Sam Trump, a musician, songwriter and vocalist, moved to Chicago from Houston seven years ago, he noticed something that felt a bit strange.

There was, of course, a bigger challenge when it came to making his presence known amongst the talented artists in the city, but in addition to that, he felt a standoffish vibe from his male counterparts.

“Before I came to Chicago, I had a lot of male friends and homies that I could just kick it with and befriend instantly,” he tells JET. “But in Chicago, it’s a little different. A good amount of males here are more standoffish. Sometimes, you can’t even have eye contact with them. And it was just kind of crazy.”

Reflecting on his earlier experience in the Windy city and taking in the current state of the Black community as it relates to destructive stereotypes and Brotherhood, prompted the trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist (he also plays the ukuele) to pen a song that unapologetically called for love, peace and unity.

An advocate for artists using their gifts to move the culture forward and creating with a message, Trump makes it his mission to deliver “sophisticated soul” that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

“As artist, we have to think about setting a tone for the future and the people who are looking up to us. I am one of those artist who feel we have to take responsibility for what we put out.”

As one-sixth of the hip-hop/jazz/soul band Sidewalk Chalk and often leading various bands, Sam is building his brand and showing aspiring entertainers that it is possible to manage a successful career as a full-time independent musician.

“Eventually I want to have some type of hub, organization or label that develops artists and gets other people’s art out,” he says, adding, “I’d love to be an executive of a label or CEO of [various] companies that are giving back to people and helping youth.”

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