Sage Steele To Be New Face Of ‘Mixed Chicks’

ESPN anchor and journalist, Sage Steele, will be one of the new faces of hair care line, ‘Mixed Chicks.’

Steele’s curly hair is definitely a signature look for her. In the past, she has battled with people telling her to change up her hair for the sake of being on television. In an interview with Vibe magazine, she explained that having her curly hairstyle is something that will never change.

“There are so many people who have tried over the years to get me to change [my hair], and to get me to look more traditional as far as TV anchors are concerned,” said Steele. “I fought it because number one: I’m lazy and I don’t like to blow dry stuff out, and number two: this is me and as I try to raise my kids to love who they are and what God gave them. It’s kind of hypocritical if I go around changing everything.”

The hair company tweeted the news with their new ad featuring Steele on the front running her hands through her curly tresses. Steele is also showing off her beautiful look on the new ‘Mixed Chicks’ bottles.

Catch the behind scenes video of the anchor on set shooting for the ad, below!

Hopefully there will be more projects for this sports diva in the future!