Ryan Leslie Must Pay Extra $180K For Stolen Laptop

By// Brandon Byrd

Grammy Award-winning singer Ryan Leslie has come into some rough times since having his laptop full of unreleased music stolen in 2010, and it seems his drama will continue in 2013. Last week a judge added an additional $180,000 to the $1 million Leslie has to pay Armin Augstein, the German man who found the computer and other items in Leslie’s stolen backpack, reports ABC News.

Leslie initally offered a reward of $20,00o after having his backpack stolen in 2010, with the laptop inside, in Cologne, Germany. When no one turned in the backpack, Leslie increased the reward amount to $1 million and Armin Augstein eventually contacted German authorities claiming he found is in a local forest. But when Leslie got his Macbook back he didn’t feel obligated to pay up—citing that the music files he needed were damaged and implying that Armin Augustein was the thief.

Augstein took the matter to court and in November, a Manhattan judge ruled in his favor, forcing Leslie to pay the $1 million reward that was promised.  The additional $180,000 that Leslie was ordered to pay is for interest that accrued between when the laptop was found, and when the decision came down from federal court in 2012.
David DeStefano, Leslie’s lawyer, claims the artist does not plan to content the $180,000 decision since Leslie plans to appeal the entire ruling after finding that the artist laptop, which held over two years worth of music written, produced, and recorded was all erased off the laptops hard drive.