Ryan Coogler & Michael B. Jordan Are Reuniting Once Again

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are teaming up yet again.

With his debut feature film Fruitvale Station back in 2013, Ryan Coogler announced himself to the world as a premier Black director for in the 21st century. With The Wire alum Michael B. Jordan in front of his lens for Fruitvale, 2015’s Creed and Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther film, Coogler and Jordan have become unstoppable. From the looks of it, this dream team isn’t slowing up anytime soon.

The duo is about to reunite for a fourth time with Wrong Answer, which will be scripted by the legendary Ta-Nehisi Coates. Based on the Rachel Aviv’s . 2014 essay from the New Yorker, Wrong Answer follows an adult standardized test cheating scandal at Atlanta Public Schools through the lens of one middle school. It was a scandal that rocked the Atlanta school board in the mid-2000s.

In the film, Jordan will star as Damany Lewis, who struggles under the pressure imposed on his students and school to meet unrealistic standardized testing scores as part of the No Child Left Behind project. In order to save the teachers’ jobs and prevent their school from shutting down, he joined in an effort to cheat the scores. The scandal led to 11 teachers being convicted on racketeering charges just a few years ago.

There is no word yet on when the film will drop, but we’re guessing it will have to be well after all of the Black Panther frenzy of 2018. Will you be watching?

Photo Credit: Getty/Joe Scarnici