Russell Simmons Slaps Down Geraldo Hip Hop Talk

AP Photo

Russell Simmons’ was pretty unimpressed with Geraldo Rivera’s recent comments about hip hop harming black and brown people more than racism.

The music mogul told TMZ the FOX News man is “irrelevant.”

“He used to be a progressive, he used to do good work and help people. Now he’s just a talking head,” Simmons said. “He hasn’t done sh*t to help nobody. Not in a a very long time. But he used to do something 30, 40 years ago, but he’s not relevant no more.”

Rivera name-checked Simmons directly in his anti-rap talk, calling Simmons a ” dear friend” before calling the Def Jam founder out. But in TMZ’s video Simmons purposefully mispronounces Rivera’s name and accuses him of ranting for attention in the wake of his “Celebrity Apprentice” loss.

Watch the video below.