Russell Simmons Searches For Next Big Thing In Music

Music powerhouses Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind have joined forces with one of  the world’s most prominent smartphone manufacturers to seek and promote new artists.

Simmons, Rifkind and Milk Music™, Samsung’s new radio service, have launched ‘ADD52,’ a talent discovery platform “reinventing how emerging artists and fans share music.”

The “52” in the title refers to the 52 unsigned artists that will have the chance to be discovered and signed by All Def Music, one of the top American record labels.

Every week, the website releases a single, giving audiences the chance to hear the music of the week’s chosen artist. So far, ADD52 is up to week 10.

“It leaves the door open where we can find the next Pharrell,” Rifkind told Billboard.

For Simmons, this is a way to continue the job of giving deserving artists their chance at recognition. “There are too many artists that need exposure for me not to continue this process,” he says.

Using the internet as a resource for discovering talent has proved to be successful, as prominent artists such as The Weeknd and Sean Kingston were discovered offline.

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