Russell Simmons Mulls Harriet Tubman Movie

AP Photo

Deep holes are tough to get out of, but Russell Simmons is desperately clinging to anything he can to pull himself out of the mess he’s made. The Harriet Tubman sex tape spoof that appeared on his new comedy channel, “All Def Digital,” is what threw him in there in the first place.

Now the hip-hop entrepreneur has issued an apology to Tubman’s descendants and claims he wants to make a movie on the Underground Railroad hero. The question we have to ask though: is he genuine?

Like most celebrities, Russell utilized social media to get his message out there.

“They (Rita and Geraldine Daniels) have not only accepted my apology but we agree that we should begin immediately to develop the story of Harriet Tubman… God works in mysterious ways. Thank you Rita and Geraldine Daniels. You and your great great grandmother are amazing inspirations,” he tweeted.

The family supposedly accepted his offer through Twitter, so we shall see what happens.

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