Run DMC is Not Happy with Walmart and Amazon

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It looks like Walmart and Amazon may head into 2017 facing a major lawsuit from legendary hip-hop group Run DMC.

According to TMZ, the group, known for hits such as “Tricky,” “Walk This Way” and “Run’s House”, is reportedly suing the consumer franchise and the Amazon for using their logo on merchandise and are advertising, selling, manufacturing, promoting, and distributing products with their signature mark.

Run DMC says the actions taken by Amazon and Walmart are leading buyers to believe that they’ve endorsed items such as t-shirts, hats, wallets, glasses and other products.

The alleged lawsuit states that Walmart and Amazon have been working with other companies who have also used the Run DMC logo for profit.

Their signature design features two wide red lines with the group’s name planted between them in Franklin Gothic Heavy font and in all caps. It complemented their signature look of shell-toe Adidas, thick gold-roped chains, and Kangol hats.

The group is suing for $50 million.

Photo: Instagram