Romeo Miller Chats ‘Witness Protection’ DVD, Acting Career

By// Mariah Craddick

Percy “Romeo” Miller is an industry veteran at the ripe age of 23. He made his pre-pubescent debut in 2001 as a squeaky-voiced rapper but matured into an entrepreneur, model, basketball player and actor. These days, he’s putting in work on movie sets a lot more than he used to and studies the craft by hanging around industry renaissance men like Will Smith and Tyler Perry.

Speaking of the latter, Miller recently co-starred in Madea’s Witness Protection where he got to work on his craft, but also learn from more seasoned thespians like Eugene Levy, Doris Roberts and John Amos.

“To be the youngest on the set and work with all of these amazing people who have been doing this for a while was great,” he tells JET. “It was definitely an honor just being involved.”

In the movie, Miller plays “Jake,” a character he describes as in a struggle, who gets caught up in a money scam and must confront the problem with his pastor father. Jake’s backsliding ways come with pragmatic and emotional ramifications, amidst Madea’s squabbles with the all-White Needleman family, whom she takes into her home as part of a witness protection program.

Madea’s Witness Protection, which was released in theaters this past summer, is Perry’s fourteenth film franchise and second most successful to date.

“It’s a Madea classic!” Miller exclaims. “I felt it was one of the funniest Madea movies. You’re going to get a six pack from laughing so much.”

In addition to comic relief, Romeo is adding drama to his resume. The self-proclaimed movie buff is currently filming One Heart, which centers on the true story of a football team made up of juvenile offenders, and a small town football coach who makes a life- changing decision for the team.

“I’m no longer playing,” he says, adding that a conversation with Will Smith inspired him to choose acting over his USC college basketball career. “I’m a great basketball player—let’s not get that twisted. But I love making movies and feel that’s what I most inspire people with.”

However, Miller isn’t completely done developing his other skills. He took over his dad’s No Limit Records in 2010 and plans to release a new album in the near future. But at the heart of all he does, he says he owes everything to his fans.

“They’re the reason I’m here,” he says. “If I had to choose between my fans and my personal life, I’d choose them.”

Madea’s Witness Protection is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, On Demand, Pay-Per-View and digital download. Tyler Perry’s I Don’t Want to do Wrong and Meet the Browns: Season 7 are available now as well.

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