Rockmond Dunbar to Star in NBC Pilot

Rockmond Dunbar is not letting the series finale of The Mentalist stall his career. The actor, who is also coming off of a reoccurring role on Sons of Anarchy is set to star in an NBC pilot, titled, Love Is A Four Letter Word.

The upcoming series puts modern marriage to the test as it addresses race, sexuality and gender roles within three diverse couples.

Dunbar will play Nick, half of the leading couple with an open, but conflicted heart. He’s a charismatic ad agency entrepreneur who failed in his first marriage to Julie – with whom he has two children – because of his affair with Fiona, his current wife.

The web is already woven in thick layers and it doesn’t end there.

Nick and Fiona feed their desires and temptations — in and outside of the marriage. Their open “arrangement” seems to work well until Nick’s undeniable love for his first wife begins tugging at his heart.

Will he try his luck with Julie again?

Sounds interesting. Will you be looking out for this series?