Could You Rock The Mic with K.Dot?


It’s not at every concert that an audience member is able to rock the mic or stage with one of their favorite artists. So when the moment presents itself, it’s best to come correct and on point.

While performing at the Sweetlife Festival in Maryland over the weekend, Kendrick Lamar, a.k.a. K.Dot, tuned up his audience engagement and encourage true Kendrick fans to rhyme with him…under one condition, it was a must they knew all the words to his “m.A.A.d city” track.

After one failed attempt from a dude who could barely get the first lyric out, Kendrick playfully dismissed him and what comes next is a blazing lyrical trade-off with a female attendee by the name of Ayanna.

The stage performance and the play-off of each other amped the crowd and well, here, just watch:

Ayanna definitely represented for those who listen and pay attention to lyricism. She rocked it!