Rihanna’s Good Deed

By//Andrea Watson

Rihanna has no problem unleashing her bad girl side, or using social media as a weapon of mass destruction.  Check out her response to a Twitter follower in JET’s social media mayhem round-up, Keeping it 140. Warning: it’s pretty nasty.

But today, we want to shout her out for sending a $5,000 check to a high school.

Remember the suburban Illinois high school that won her “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” video contest? Maybe? (If not, it’s okay; she stays busy.)  So in case you forgot, the star kept those Barrington students waiting for more than four hours, and what makes it even worse is that it was their first day of spring break. She eventually showed and to ease the irritation, many were given free tickets, CDs and signed merchandise.

Clearly, she wasn’t done though.  The $5,000 check is supposed to cover any costs from that tardy March visit, along with signs made to promote her trip.  She even threw in a little extra to meet future student needs.  Well, played, RiRi.