Rihanna Makes ‘Home’ History!

She’s quick, witty and just made history! Rihanna is moving closer and closer to the term “icon” as her music, style and endorsements continue to put her on the list of history-makers.

After becoming the first Black woman spokesperson of luxury brand Dior, Rih and Dreamworks hit another milestone with the 3-D animated feature film Home, released on March 27th.

The film marks the first time DreamWorks has featured a young Black woman as the leading character since its 1998 The Prince of Egypt. Another plus is that Rihanna’s character, Tip, is the slick-tongued and rapid thinking protagonist.

The animated adventure film is an adaptation from The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. The story brings together Tip and Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory fame), who is a member of the Boov race and arrives on a spaceship seeking refuge from an enemy as he’s trying to help his race avoid destruction. He’s befriended by Tip, who is on a journey to find her mother – voiced by Jennifer Lopez.

This stamp in history is not only a bonus for Rihanna’s rap sheet and DreamWorks’, but it poses a broader message for young Black girls that they can be just as heroic as anyone else.

Congrats, Rihanna!