Rihanna Gets Creative with New Single Release

Music may be accessible in various forms these days, but artists are becoming more creative with their product delivery.

Take for instance, the hype surrounding the release of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay teamed up with Samsung to release 1,000 copies via an app. The rollout was a little flimsy, however, the idea was innovative. Of course, there has to be mention of his wife, Beyoncé who dropped an album out of nowhere, which encouraged fans and the Beyhive to gain full access by purchasing the music and visuals via iTunes. U2 made a clever move by uploading their Songs of Innocence album onto your iPhones music library – no charge to the listener.

As the music industry changes, expanding creativity is inevitable. With anticipation heightening around Rihanna’s R8 album, following the release of FourFiveSeconds, and Instagram teases of new music, the Barbadian talent released a new full song from her upcoming project.

#BBHMM(B—h Better Have My Money) is available to all, but only via Dubsmash, an app where users can record themselves lip-syncing to music. It’s actually pretty entertaining.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!