Rihanna and Drake Working on Another Collab?

Tweets are talking and word is that Rihanna and Drake are cooking up another spicy collaboration.

While Rih has been maintaining a level of mystique surrounding her eighth studio project, ANTI, rumor has it that she and Drake were in Los Angeles shooting a music video for a “down-tempo” dancehall ballad, titled “Work.”

What kicked off the swarming tip was a Twitter post from Rih’s fan club a.k.a #RihannaNavy:

Dude is 16 and from Italy. There’s no sure way to confirm that he has the goods on what Rih Rih’s cooking.

However, further piquing speculation were posts from DJ Khaled who hosted a club night at Playhouse in Hollywood and L.A. natives claiming to have spotted the stars and those horses mentioned in the casting call sheet.


The rumor mill is on deck and our guess is only time will tell if the streets and tweets were on point with this one.