Rihanna Charged Over $300K For Lateness During 777 Tour


Rihanna’s now infamous 777 tour was internet fodder for the past few days due to disgruntled passengers who say they weren’t offered various things they were promised. In addition to that drama, the tour also cost her a lot of money in airport fines, according to Hip-Hop Wired.

The 24-year-old singer–who already undertook the costly task of toting approximately 200 people around the world–also incurred an extra charge of $300,000 for repeatedly showing up late to board her plane.

“Every hour that goes by she has to pay for flight clearance on runways and also incurs costs of the private airport teams, customs, baggage handlers, and security,” a source told Hip-Hop Wired.

The accompanying label reps, journalists, and fans returned back to America, earlier in the week, after seven days of whirlwind traveling through seven countries, and watching seven shows.