Richard Pryor’s Son Attempts to Stop Biopic

Just a few weeks ago, things seemed to be going smoothly with the production of the Richard Pryor biopic.

But everything is not what it seems.

Richard Pryor Jr. is taking legal action against his stepmother Jennifer Lee Pryor in an attempt to keep her from making the biopic.

Pryor Jr. claims that Lee used “fraudulent” endeavors to get the rights of the film from the late Pryor while he was dying and mentally feeble.

According to TMZ, Pryor Jr.’s lawyer said “Pryor was in poor mental and physical health when he signed over the rights in 2005.” Pryor died later that year in December.

Richard Pryor’s children have recently been in disputes with Lee regarding casting and Pryor Jr. recently expressed his support for Nick Cannon playing his father earlier this month.