Rich Dollaz Arrested on Paternity Charges Mid-Interview

By//Jessica Paris

It just got real.

Rich Dollaz, better known from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop as Olivia’s manager, was arrested during an interview yesterday after he failed to show up for a court-ordered paternity test. Dollaz was sittin down with speaking on his rise to fame when the boys in blue rolled up on him straight Kanye West “I’ma let you finish”, style and cut the interview short. In true blogger fashion, MTE kept the cameras rolling, catching the whole embarrassing scene on tape down to the moment when Rich was escorted up out the building, only to be met by his alleged baby’s mother, Chaundrea Nicolle, cursing him to high heavens. Makes sense now.

This isn’t Rich’s first run-in with the law behind some baby mama drama. Apparently, he had been dodging a paternity test and child support for his ‘said’ 12 year-old daughter with Chaundrea for quite some time now. So earlier this month when Rich flew in to Memphis for an appearance, she tipped off the police and had him hemmed up before he even left the airport.

Meanwhile, his current girlfriend Erica Mena, the spit-fire aspiring singer from Love & Hip Hop who holds her tongue for no one, put her two cents in on Twitter yesterday following Rich’s arrest. Mena went in on Chaundrea’s appearance down to the car she drives and the purse she carries. This sparked a brief thumb war between the two which was later deleted.


Don’t quite know what to make of this.

If anything, Erica should know how it feels to be on the other end of some paternity mess. After all, she is infamously known for Kung-Fu kickin’ her baby’s father in the neck when he was acting up a while back and she wears that honor proud. One thing we know is, as the new chick you don’t get involved in disputes with baby mamas. It never ends well. As for Rich Dollaz, if he is as “rich” as his name proclaims, then he should just go ahead, take the paternity test and handle his responsibilities so this can all be over.