RHOA Recap: ‘Tea with a Side of Squashed Beef’

It’s the Peace Dinner Part Deux.

For whatever reason (ratings, perhaps), NeNe thinks it’s a good idea to bring together all of the ladies who are feuding for dinner.

So, for the record, that’s NeNe vs. Cynthia; Cynthia vs. Porsha; and Porsha vs. Kenya. Got it?

I feel like this was a fail when Kandi attempted it a few weeks ago, but what do I know?

And I also thought NeNe and Cynthia had already made up. But I guess I was wrong. They rehash what went wrong and who did what and blah blah blah. Cynthia apologizes for her role in their fallout, but of course NeNe is too proud to do the same. The Queen Bee (and her god-awful wig) tells Cynthia it will take them a “couple of years” to go to lunch.

Girl, bye!

really hope Cynthia doesn’t wait around like a sad little puppy dog for NeNe to play with her again because girlfriend isn’t worth it. NeNe needs to get over herself and fast.

But the drama doesn’t end there.

NeNe announces that it’s time for Cynthia and Porsha to “squash their beef.” Oh, if only it were that simple.

Cynthia was originally upset because Porsha was an hour late for lunch (and understandably so, I mean, who does that?!), but Porsha says she wasn’t even given the chance to apologize. As it turns out, they don’t even know what they were fighting about.

Now the focus turns toward Porsha and Kenya.

Porsha acknowledges “the incident” that happened between her and Kenya; however, she refuses to apologize. Kenya gets out of her seat, acknowledges her role in the situation as well and offers Porsha a hug. Surprisingly, Porsha agrees to a hug and the ladies kiki the rest of the night.