RHOA Recap: ‘Nice to Metria’

First, there was Claudia Jordan. Now, there’s Demetria McKinney.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is introducing new cast members one-by-one this season.

For those of you who don’t know (like me), Demetria is an actress-singer, best known for her playing Janine Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

But, of course, what’s a housewife without the drama?!

During our introduction to Demetria (at Cynthia’s modeling agency, no less), we learn that the singer is hosting a party for her music video release. In attendance will be none other than her beau, Roger Bobb, president/CEO of Bobbcat Films. You may remember him as Kenya’s alleged boo thang, but Demetria insists they’ve been off and on for the past eight years.

And because it’s an unwritten rule that all housewives must have beef with another housewife in order to be on the show, Demetria is none too pleased that Kenya did nothing to squash the rumors about her (non)-relationship with Mr. Bobb (if that’s even his real name, sounds like an alias to me).

While Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia (aka “The New Sex & the City“) are discussing eligible men in the city, Roger’s name comes up again and Cynthia immediately tells the bachelorettes that he is off the market. We’ll see about that…

Kenya being Kenya pays a personal visit to Mr. Bobb to discuss her acting career. He invites her to Demetria’s music video party so he can introduce her to some of his friends in the business … except he doesn’t show up!!

Poor Demetria. First, your man/manager doesn’t even come to your event because he’s “busy.” But then the club’s equipment doesn’t work either, so your video is playing with no sound! Whoomp whoomp.

On the plus side, Demetria and Kenya were able to push aside their differences, so not all is lost.

But I’m not sure who I feel sorrier for … Demetria or Phaedra.

Because, of course, Apollo had to come there and show his face. Now is not the time nor the place to discuss the state of your union, man. He pulls Phaedra in for a hug and tells her how much he loves her. I can’t tell if he’s drunk, or high, or both. But either way, he needs to get it together and fast!

Side note: Can we talk about NeNe’s new choppy wig and pale pink lipstick?

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This is so wrong, yet so right on so many levels!!