RHOA Recap: “Make-ups and Breakdowns”

After a heart-to-heart following Kandi’s attempt at playing peacemaker, it seems as though Cynthia and NeNe are on the road to becoming friends again.

Cynthia tells a teary-eyed NeNe that she thinks everything started to break down when NeNe called Peter a bitch. NeNe, however, thinks Cynthia should have called her to talk it out instead of bringing it up in front of everybody else. Outside the restaurant, Phaedra is asking Jesus to fix it and Porsha wants them to have a kumbaya. Cynthia feels like there was a respect level that wasn’t there. They agree to move on and hug it out.

But all is not well that ends well.

The women return to their respective husbands and discuss what happened. Unsurprisingly, Peter is not feeling the reunion. He refers to NeNe as a 12-year-old girl and proceeds to remind Cynthia about all of the awful things NeNe has done to her. Hmm…seems like Peter is the 12-year-old girl here. Why not just let the ladies work everything out amongst themselves?

Of course, the husbands have a right to weigh in on their wives’ friendships when they negatively impact their marriage, but Peter just sounds like he’s jealous of NeNe and doesn’t want them to be friends because it will take attention way from him. Cry me a river.

Meanwhile, Todd invites Kandi to join him in New York so he can show her his old stomping grounds. The two also attend New York Fashion Week to see Cynthia hit the runway and go out on a double date with her and Peter.

Todd explains that his mom hasn’t been to Atlanta because of what Kandi’s mom said about her (remember the pimp and prostitute accusations?). Todd’s rightfully upset because Kandi doesn’t address the issue; however, there’s a time and a place to discuss private matters and it’s not at a restaurant with your friends.

Real talk though, Kandi needs to talk to her mom before she ruins her marriage. The couple meets up with Todd’s mom (rest in peace) and she tells Kandi she’s still upset about what Mama Joyce said. And boy, does she goes in!

Todd says if their marriage is going to work, Kandi’s mom can’t run the family. I get that Kandi is ride or die for her mom, but she has to admit when she is wrong and let her know when she’s wrong. “That’s just how my mom rolls” is an excuse and a pathetic one at that.