RHOA Recap: ‘Friend or Faux’

In an attempt to play peacemaker, Kandi gathers all of the ladies together for dinner.

Because that’s going to go well.

Once the women meet up, it’s as painful as you’d expect. Kandi just wants everyone to get along, but clearly that’s not going to happen.

Following an awkward silence, Kenya speaks up about the Apollo story and how she wants the ladies to give her the benefit of the doubt. NeNe vehemently denies she ever called Kenya outside her name.

Oh, c’mon! NeNe has said something about everyone at that table, so don’t try to play innocent here.

Phaedra is more forthcoming about her opinion toward Miss Moore. “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a slut.” Or something to that effect.

Now, now Phaedra. I do recall reading your book about being a Southern belle and etiquette and whatnot. And I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to call another woman outside her name, especially when it comes out that your husband is the one who has not been truthful–both when it comes to his personal life and his professional life. #NoShade

I’m not sure why Kandi is trying to make everyone play nice–clearly it is not going to happen. Seeing as how the Kenya-Phaedra debacle went nowhere, Kandi turns her attention to Cynthia and NeNe. She wants them to get back on speaking terms, but both women make it very clear they’re capable of speaking on their own terms.

NeNe is frustrated with Cynthia and she is letting. her. have. it. Apparently something really serious went down here. … but it looks like there may be hope around the corner with Cynthia and NeNe having a heart-to-heart in the next episode.