‘RHOA’ Recap: Burying the Ratchet

To be BFFs or not to be BFFs?

That seems to be the question plaguing the newest RHOA cast member Claudia Jordan.

Both Claudia and former RHOA housewife Porsha Williams work at the same Atlanta radio station (Claudia on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and Porsha on the TV affiliate Dish Nation).

According to Claudia, things were all good about a week ago when the two passed each other in the hallways, but now Porsha has dropped the friendly facade. And Claudia wants to know what’s up.

After receiving some “advice” from Kenya, Claudia decides to invite Porsha to lunch to talk things out (seriously, all these ladies do is lunch, I swear!).

Porsha, however, doesn’t think they have anything to discuss and pretty much dismisses Claudia when she attempts to get her to open up about Kenya. Porsha’s exact words? “And whoomp whoomp and whoomp doo doomp.” So there you have it.

Yo, Claudia, you’re the new girl on the block. Maybe you should just chill out for a minute? But then again, that wouldn’t make for good (reality TV).

And whoever said your coworker has to be your bestie? Isn’t it possible for you and Porsha to just be cordial? #JustSaying

This week on RHOA, we also learn about the “Robot Read,” courtesy of Porsha. Apparently this is a read given whilst “rattling off everything your husband told you to say.” We’ll give you one guess as to who she’s talking about.

Meanwhile, at the spa with Porsha, Phaedra and Kandi, NeNe claims she’s never going to be friends with Cynthia ever again. And when NeNe disowns you, she means it. Ask Kim Zolciack about that. NeNe says Cynthia is trying to make her mark and it really “doesn’t look cute on her.”

And when Kandi asks why NeNe is no longer friends with Kenya, the Queen Bee plays dumb.

“It’s so many fallouts, it’s hard for me to keep up,” Kandi says.

Me, too, Kandi. Me too.

Moreover, NeNe claims Apollo was lying about lying and doesn’t think Kenya deserves an apology; Kandi, however, disagrees.

Later, Kandi makes good on her word and apologizes to Kenya for how she treated her. And Kenya loses it.

But we all know Kenya isn’t one to play victim for too long. Even though people keep kicking her down, she is adamant that she’ll keep on rising.