RHOA: Beauties in the Fast Lane

Ah, Real Housewives of Atlanta, aka RHOA.  How I wish I could quit you, especially after an episode that featured far too much information about Kandi and Todd’s babymaking plans, an awkward encounter between their respective spawn and a truly sad scene of Apollo trying to tell his two sons he would be going away for a while.

But hey, I’m nothing if not a soldier in this reality TV war, so here are the questions I had after watching this Sunday.  And of course, I want to hear your queries and comments in return.  Let’s do this:

1. When will Nene leave the Housewives hustle behind? Man, oh man.  Nene cannot wait to get off this show, can she?  Miss Leakes did her little “back from Puerto Rico recap” to her hubby and then was on with her business.  I could see that it was a lot of strain for her to even make the trip, and lawd the complaints about her accommodations and companions.  I would not be surprised if they had one of the queens who so accurately portrayed her during a recent Watch What Happens Live stand in for the rest of the season.

2. Can we get a spin-off with Ayden and Dylan called “Real Toddlers of Atlanta.”  Phaedra’s two cuties are the most adorable tykes on TV today.  Though it was sad to watch Apollo stumble through kinda sorta breaking it to his first born that daddy was going away for a long time, looking at the best (and most well-mannered) RHOA cast was a welcome respite from cattiness and forced camaraderie among the rest of the cast.

3.  When will Claudia tell Cynthia to give her “makeover” a rest?  Listen, we all know Cynthia is known for her modeling past.  But trust, Claudia — as foolish as she comes across in this embarrassing video back on the Interwebs– is not in need of much halp to land a man.  Let Nene tell it, she needs to sit out a few innings.  So I’m not sure where this 90s-movie style “fix-a-friend” plotline is coming from.  Perhaps Miss Cynthia’s time would be better spent tending to her own grumbling man, Peter.

4.  How/when/why did Peter and Cordell become business partners?  So very messy.  I cannot.  It was bad enough when Peter embedded himself in the nasty divorce between Cordell and now-ex Porsha, he went so far as to sign papers with the man to open a business?  And then things got even more ridiculous when Cordell began flirting awkwardly with Claudia.  Now, these ladies don’t get along now. What will happen when Porsha finds out that Claudia gave her number to the ex who allegedly quit her via social media?  Methinks Andy Cohen is setting the stage for a new arse whupping on the reunion show to come.  Son must not have learned too much from the cage match of Porsha vs Kenya and her bullhorn.

In other news: Kenya’s peeps responded to a question I asked about her alleged participation in a Black Wives Matter poster.  (sigh)  Read that right HERE.

5.  Did Roger Bobb forget to mail his check?  His name was strangely not mentioned in Sunday’s episode.  Come on, Rog, you’re slipping man.