Review: Tye Tribbett’s Chicago Concert

If you don’t how to praise dance, attend a Tye Tribbett concert. I guarantee you’ll learn a step or two for your next worship service.

The electric gospel entertainer ended his House of Blues Tour in Chicago, rocking the stage and filling the entire space with his contagious energy.

But before he hopped on stage, a family quartet called The Walls Groups, opened the show with songs from their upcoming album Fast Forward, out September 2.

Their talent and zest shined through as they prepped the crowd for what was to come.

Afterward, it was time from Mr. Tye Tribbett. The audience excitedly cheered as the lights dimmed to signify the start of his set.

First, his six high-powered background singers appeared, dressed in black tutus and Converse shoes. After singing a few notes, the man of the night suddenly graced the stage decked out in all white.

For about two hours, he and his crew performed hits from his Grammy award-wining album Greater Than as well as a few classic jams, too, including “If He Did it Before…Same God,” “What Can I Do” and “Everything.”

Fans didn’t miss a beat. They passionately sang each track word for word. And Mr. Tribbett must have been impressed because he began addressing the audience as the “mass choir.”

But the concert just didn’t consist of singing. There was also a testimony period that was just as powerful as the music.

“Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with throat cancer,” one of Tribbett’s singer revealed.

After already hearing his larger-than-life voice earlier in the show, that was all the young man needed to say for the crowd to understand how grateful he was for life.

“You wonder why I sing so hard,”  the survivor shouted with glee. “I’m not supposed to be here.”

The place erupted in applause and cheers, and Tribbett smoothly transitioned into his record “He Turned It.”

It was no longer a concert at this point, but a full-blown praise fest. Hands were lifted, voices cheered fervidly and feet skipped and danced.

The atmosphere was incredible.

Then, Tribbett ended almost abruptly…or so people thought.

About 15 seconds after the artists cleared the stage, Tribbett and his group rushed back to perform what seemed like everyone’s favorite, “Victory.”

It was almost as if he was opening the show again. As he sang, he invited everyone to copy his dance moves. Admirers obliged as people began to sway in the same direction.

He finally left fans with Glory to God Forever. The crowd chanted the lyrics over and over again as Tribbett exited.

The audience was so filled with the spirit that everyone continued to sing well after the curtains closed.

Staffers attempted to clear the concert hall to no avail.

They obviously hadn’t experienced a Tye Tribbett show before, but they probably took home a few new praise steps, too.