Review: NBA 2K14 for PS4

2K Sports’ latest addition to its franchise takes on a beautiful form in NBA 2K14. The game captures the likeness of high-profile players, such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, in stunning realism and presents gorgeous and smooth gameplay, optimizing all PlayStation 4 has to offer.

Differing from its predecessors, which included the draft and post-game interviews, 2K14 has a lot more scenarios taking place off the court. The gamer’s character has scenes in which he’s meeting with the GM, getting offered investment opportunities, talking smack to competitors and even being challenged via social media. All of this truly immerses the gamer in the day-to-day life of an NBA player.

Of the many new features offered in this release is MyCareer mode, in which gamers are thrust into the life of an up-and-coming NBA star. Additionally, MyTeam mode returns this year after its positive reception in 2K13. Online gameplay offers the usual MyTeam mode, regular season and head-to-head games, with the addition of a new mode called The Park giving gamers the ability to compete in 2×2, 3×3 and 5×5 matches on a blacktop court with their created player from MyCareer.

In 2K14, The Association has been revamped in the form of MyGM mode. Adding to the features in past games, MyGM mode allows the decisions the gamer makes to dictate how the game progresses—from the relationships the GM builds to the attributes the player improves upon. For example, gamers may decide to raise the prices of tickets and, consequently, have to deal with the backlash of the media.

While NBA 2K14 leaves some things to be desired in its system functionality, such as hard-to-navigate menus, and in its online usage, including slow responsiveness and loading time, these are in essence minor hiccups. The small glitches don’t distract from the game’s wonderful controls, visuals and progression in various game modes. Overall, NBA 2K14 is a definite must-buy for the sports enthusiast’s new PS4.

NBA 2K14 is available for $59.99 at