Report: Kanye West Shares New Music

When Def Jam’s CEO Steve Bartels began his presentation at the iMediaHeart Music Summit on Wednesday, he threw media professionals for a loop when he abruptly ended his speech to call Kanye West to the stage.

“I wanna stop this and turn it over to one of the great iconic rock stars of our time: Kanye West,” Bartels said.

Yeezy walked out and surprised everyone with a 45-minute spiel about what he’s been working on in the studio, reported Billboard. From his collaboration with Paul McCartney on “Only One” to his responsibility to constantly innovate, the artist spoke intimately and honestly about his musical journey throughout the years.

Then he whipped out his laptop to share an untitled track featuring Rihanna that contained a “massive hook.”

Afterwards, he slammed his computer shut and walked off the stage to a standing ovation.

Yes, that was definitely another “drops mic” moment from Yeezus.