Refresher: Scandal Plot Points to Watch

In the aftermath of Olivia’s choice to be with Fitz, we’re learning all about the consequences that come with her decision. Things have become difficult to handle with Olivia becoming a fictional Monica Lewinsky.

Pope’s problems streaming across every possible news outlet has everyone from OPA, plus one new member, and the White House staff trying to calm the media storm.

These are the top five moments from last week’s episode.  Cannot wait to see how they follow this up tonight.

1. Fire Fitz
Still trying to find her ground as a newly appointed senator, Mellie meets with the other female senators for what she thinks is an agenda meeting but turns out to be a meeting about impeaching her husband for having an affair. Mellie can’t commit to the cause even though she understands the reasons. “All we ever hear is how women are controlled by their hormones but what’s more hormonal than a man who can’t keep it in his damn pants?” There are too many Mellie lines that are on a list of awesome, but that one is definitely top three.

2. Paparazzi Problem
It was a mock episode of 20/20 with the Olivia Pope story front and center. Olivia was confined to her apartment for the majority of the episode because of the crowd of paparazzi surrounding her building. Still showing a little sense of regret for her decision, but continues to own it, Olivia’s going a little insane from all the attention. “This is my choice to make if you take that away from me— I don’t need to be rescued. I find that offensive,” she said to a worried Fitz.

3. Jake Was What?!
We knew Jake had spent a lot of time in the hole with B613 but turns out he also spent some time in holy matrimony! That’s right, all you Team Jake members, our favorite leading man tied the knot and it wasn’t around someone’s neck. We thought Olivia was the first person to get a taste of Jake’s softer side but looks like he fell for someone else first. A mysterious fellow spy named Elise comes back into Jakes life as he tries to unveil the potential plans of Papa Pope and his connections to the Louvre burning. As usual, not a lot of details were revealed in the episode but we know Jake thought his wife was dead so he moved on and now he wants her back! Jake asked Elise to come back to D.C. with him and not that we don’t want to see Jake happy but cross your fingers for an Olake reunion soon!

4. New Gladiator In a Suit
Who could forget the epic Scandal episode “The Lawn Chair” from Season Four which tackled the issue of white cops shooting unarmed black men? You probably also remember the vocal activist who went up against Ms. Pope in that episode, Marcus Walker, played by Cornelius Smith Jr. Well, he’s a gladiator in a suit now! In a déjà vu scenario between Quinn and the new gladiator, Quinn attempts to hire Marcus just like former OPA employee Harrison Wright did—but she doesn’t have the same delivery and gets shut down! He says no at first, but Marcus shows up at the OPA office later, “I’m here to help a sister out who helped me when I needed it,” he said. But Olivia didn’t actually want him hired.

5. Taking Olivia Out
Fitz is faced with some serious opposition from the Republican party in light of him dating a black woman. Forced with an ultimatum of impeachment or repealing a bill that defines his presidency, Fitz decides that instead of making the difficult decision, he’s going to take his girlfriend out on a date. Yeah…that happened. Anybody else tired of the fairy tale time between Fitz and Liv? Not because I’m on Team Jake, but there’s too much focus being put on the relationship and other main characters are being sidelined in the process. David Rosen has had less than a handful of scenes, we’re missing more from the Pope Parents and even Cyrus has less screen time it seems. It’s still early in the season though so here’s hoping Olitz is the one taking a back seat soon.

Huck said real gladiators don’t ask questions, but we’ve got plenty! This week’s episode raised a few lingering questions, such as will Olivia become the next first lady or the first lady to take down a sitting president? And can the fixer be fixed? Tune in next week to find out!