Refresher: Get Ready for HTGAWM

If you’re anything like me, you are prepping for some TGIT drama tonight, specifically the latest episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

Last week’s episode really threw a wrench in the working plot of how Annalise is going to end up shot and seemingly dying on the floor of a mansion.

Here are the five refreshers you need to be up to speed:

1. Saving Annalise

There was no real risk of the HTGAWM’s main character being killed off (not yet anyway) but it’s still nice to see the ambulance arrive just in time to save our favorite defense attorney. The opening scenes of “Skanks Get Shanked,” were just as chaotic as usual. Annalise was carried away on a stretcher and gets a glimpse of the lifeless body of Prosecutor Emily Sinclair. We still don’t know exactly how events will unfold at the murder mansion, but odds are Annalise found out about her death before we did! Flash forward to just four weeks from the night in question and Annalise is seemingly drowning herself in her tub before she gets a phone call from none other than Nate’s dying wife.

2. Lahey Ladies
Even though she’s lying on her death bed, Nia Lahey still manages to pack a punch. She brings a fearful Annalise to her side to ask a favor from her husband’s mistress. (Hey, if anyone owes you a favor it’s gonna be the other woman.) In a gripping scene between the Lahey ladies, Annalise faces someone who can finally ask as many tough questions as she can. “What kind of a woman could be with a man when his wife is dying?” she asked. And her favor? To have Annalise help her die, a request that keeps our legal eagle distracted for the remainder of the episode and throughout her latest trial. But Annalise goes through the motions of asking Frank to get her the pills and just when you think she’s going to go through with it, Annalise shows she’s not the heartless witch she seems. “I think about it a lot, killing myself. I have ever since I was a child. A lot of times I think the world would be a better place without me in it, but I don’t do it. You’re a better woman than me and if I don’t deserve to die, you definitely don’t,” Annalise said. Nia persists, “I really thought you’d do it, you’ve killed before. Sam?” We’re glad Annalise didn’t go through with it though and if all her scenes are like this, we hope Nia hangs around! But knowing HTGAWM she won’t last long.

3. Benedict Asher
He’s been called a d-bag, but never a traitor. Last week Asher enlisted the help of his estranged father to get him out of the jam he’s in with Sinclair and last night he finalized a deal that has him betraying the collective Keating group—even his loving lady Bonnie. To keep the focus off whoever the mysterious Tiffany is, Asher agreed to testify against Annalise about what he supposedly knows about how Sam died because he doesn’t think Annalise should get away with killing him. But luckily Bonnie will always be there to save the day, she drops the bomb that she’s the one that killed Sam, not Annalise!

4. Connor with a Conscience
Annalise and the Keating crew were working on a case surrounding a group of teenagers who murdered their best friend. When evidence turns up to show Annalise’s client was guilty Connor decided to take matters into his own hands. He sends the video over to the prosecution which ends up biting Annalise in the ass in court and she loses her case! Connor said he couldn’t let the client go free because she was going to kill again and he can’t take any more blood on his hands. Annalise reminds him that there’s not only blood on his hands but in his car too from the night Sam died and Frank never got rid of the evidence like it was implied! Sounds like a fair warning that Mr. Walsh could go down for murder anytime Annalise wants to turn him in. Maybe a suggestive moment about why Connor ends up claiming everything is always Annalise’s fault when she gets shot?

5. Final Five minutes….
If you’re ever going to miss a moment from a HTGAWM episode, make sure it’s not the final five minutes of the show. Definitely follow that advice tonight. So far it’s been looking like Annalise is about to get set up by her former lover Nate and her substitute son Wes but last night’s episode showed that Annalise spotted a heated discussion between her two faves after leaving Nate’s wife at the hospital. We wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Annalise is working a plan over on everyone—including the viewers. Michaela is starting to have feelings for accused killer Caleb and in the final seconds of the episode, she enters an apartment after leaving the murder mansion—where he’s waiting for her! “How is she?” he asks.

Tonight promises an INSANE hour of murder mayhem! In the meantime, who do you think Caleb is talking about? A wounded Keating or the murdered Sinclair? Tell us in the comments below! No cheating. Do it BEFORE the show airs.

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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