‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Recap

Talk about cutting it close.

I understand Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss wanted a 4/4/14 wedding…but to start planning it about a month before it’s supposed to take place? All I can say is “good luck.”

Kandi and Todd have decided on a Coming to America theme, complete with animals, dancers and the works! But will they pull it all together in time for the Big Day?

Meanwhile, the Granny Gang (you know, Kandi’s aunts) have apologized to Kandi and they’re trying to get their sister, Mama Joyce, to become more comfortable with her marrying Todd. Yea, when pigs fly. The aunts try their best, but Mama Joyce ain’t having it, referring to Todd’s parents as a pimp and a prostitute. Oh no, she didn’t!

Later, Kandi meets with designer Reco Chappelle about her wedding gown. She’s describing how she wants the “wow” factor and Reco starts drawing up a design. But Kandi’s bridesmaid, Tan, is not impressed. Then Kandi slides in the fact she needs Reco to design eight bridesmaids’ dresses as well…in six weeks. But, he assures her he can get it done: “Let me do for you what Jason Wu did for Michelle Obama.” If you say so. Reco also offers to design everything for Kandi complimentary, so I guess you really can’t beat Free.99.

Meanwhile, Kandi’s best friend and personal assistant, Carmon, is missing in action. So Todd shows up and calls her out on being a bad friend. Carmon, of course, doesn’t take too kindly to his threats and sends an ominous text to Kandi basically saying “if you wanted me to quit, you should have told me yourself.” This naturally leads to a big blow up between the friends after Carmon shows up at Kandi’s house after three days of ignoring her. I suppose it is hard to separate your personal relationship from your professional one. Even after the tears, I’m not sure if Carmon is still working for Kandi or not.

Guess we’ll have to tune in next week…