Recap: How To Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder started the series as a lesson for its characters learning to have their client get away with killing someone, but in reality it’s the other primetime shows that should be taking notes.

The Peter Nowalk-drama from Shondaland is getting away with some seriously good TV!

Every move by both the show’s main characters and its writers are calculated down to the very last jaw drop, and those are getting hard to count.

Annalise catches an accidental case by a friend who’s killed her husband. In a nice switch-up from the usual court scenes, Annalise gets the charges dropped without ever having gone to trial.

Yes, it was from her typical manipulative tactics, but those are always entertaining to watch. Let’s face it, if Annalise was a good person neither she or the show would be getting away with anything.

We need Annalise’s conniving ways.

Now, we’re just a few episodes away from finding out who shot Annalise, or rather “when all hell breaks loose”. As each episode gets closer, we’re finding out that almost everyone has a motive and nearly everyone’s involved.

As much as we love Annalise, it’s really no wonder why anyone would want to shoot her. She’s done more damage to the people around her than probably most of the clients she defends.

Last night’s episode showed that Annalise knows a lot more about Wes’ back story than we do. But, of course she does. She needs to know everything about everyone because otherwise she wouldn’t be nearly as successful at manipulating and backstabbing them all.

She holds all the cards and decides exactly when to play them, but nobody else is even in the same game as her. It’s hard to win at anything when you don’t know the rules and you’re playing against someone who doesn’t follow them in the first place. So if you can’t beat the player at her own game, you take the player out. Right?

Nate was about to be able to work things out with Annalise until his wife died. He took the opportunity Annalise denied and gave his wife the pills she craved to pass on. Now Nate’s even more upset Annalise sent him to jail for a murder he didn’t do because it was time he didn’t get to spend with his dying wife.

I mean, if he turned out to be the shooter, I think we’d all understand.

Watch the promo for next week’s episode below.

Slight spoiler: It looks like things are heating up between Annalise and Emily Sinclair. Maybe Annalise is going to become the one thing she isn’t yet— a murderer. As far as we know…