Reason No. 29,402 Why Kofi Siriboe Is Bae

Director Ava DuVernay’s OWN series Queen Sugar is enthralling for many reasons, and a major one is Kofi Siriboe.

The 23-year old breakout star commands the screen every week as Ralph Angel Bordelon, a young father who is trying to put his life back together after being released from prison. And yet, Kofi Siriboe isn’t just shining onscreen; he’s also garnering our attention off screen for his upliftment and reverence of Black women.

A few months ago, the actor praised Black mothers on Twitter, and when a fan tried to stand in his way, he politely checked her. Recently, the Los Angeles native chatted with about his love for his sistas. He said, “I love Black women, and I shouldn’t have to tiptoe around that fact. That’s not to exclude anybody—I’m all about inclusion—but there is a lot of exclusion that happens naturally, systematically, and institutionally, to Black women.”

Siriboe is surrounded by Black women on a regular basis. They include  Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, who co-executive produce Queen Sugar; the actresses protraying his  onscreen sisters, Dawn-Lyen Gardner and Rutina Wesley; and the entire cast of his upcoming romantic comedy, Girls Trip. The root of his affection comes from his foundation. He told, “[My mom]…didn’t have the most loving parents in the world. For her to not have that, to be able to learn from the mistakes that her parents made, and to give love to her kids tenfold—I think that’s an example of what all Black women represent. You know, the world kind of shuns women in general, and if you’re a Black woman, I’m sure you feel that ten times more.”

Swoon! Just when we thought we couldn’t adore Siriboe more than we already do, he says something like this. If you’re looking for more of the soulful actor, tune into Queen Sugar Wednesday evenings on OWN. Girls Trip will debut in theaters July 21.

Photo Credit: Getty/Earl Gibson III