Scandal: Is Columbus Short About to Get Handled?

"Scandal" star Columbus Short was allegedly involved in a bar fight earlier this month.

It turns out that Scandal fans prefer the drama to remain onscreen.

Though at this point, Columbus Short is facing divorce and a restraining order after an alleged attempted murder/suicide attempt on his wife, Tanee.  He has also been charged with domestic violence in another recent case, as TMZ details HERE, but the court of public opinion is rendering judgement.

Some vocal Tweeters are urging Shonda Rhimes to “handle” the Gladiator.  (In Olivia Pope-speak, that means fire him.) HOLLYWOOD LIFE offers more on that topic.

Short, who appeared on Roland Martin’s TVOne Show earlier today, appears to be carrying on with his Scandal duties, and is reported to be hosting a finale party this very evening.  He has released a statement in which he explains he’s been advised not to comment on the allegations.

We’ll keep an eye on this developing news.  Our hearts go out to the family during this tough time, as Tanee and Columbus are also parents of young children.