‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Last week, we got a hint of marital problems between Phaedra and Apollo and this week, they came to the forefront. But, before we get into who texted whom and when, etc., let’s recap what else happened in Sunday’s episode.

Gone With the Wind Fabulous

In an effort to relieve house-hunting stress, Kenya signs up for an aerial art class. So she can twirl and really be “Gone with the Wind” fabulous. But as Kandi says, the wind (and the hotness of the catchphrase) is gone: “It’s blown away.”

Kandi asks Kenya why she’s still hitting up Apollo, Phaedra’s husband. Kenya thinks Kandi should be more concerned about her own man. And then Kenya reads the entire text convo and doesn’t think “babe” is sexual or inappropriate. Kandi thinks both Kenya and Apollo were wrong and should have known better.

Daddy Issues

Porsha admits that she and Kordell put on a face in public and her friends read right through it. Porsha admits her relationship with Kordell was more of a father-daughter relationship. She reveals that her father passed away when she was younger, so she was looking for Kordell to be a father figure. As the therapist says, the difference is you don’t sleep with your father. Let the church say amen. Did we mention she’s still wearing her wedding ring? It’s over girl, let it go. No one ever gained anything by holding on to the past.

Over lunch, the ladies (minus Kenya) get together to show support to Porsha, who comes clean about the truth behind her marriage. The ladies encourage Porsha to move on with her life and they cheer on their sisterhood.

“Sagging Diaper Donkey Booty”

Kandi and Phaedra meet up for a fro-yo date and Kandi tells Phaedra about her conversation with Kenya. Phaedra says Kenya has very “whore-ish” tendencies. Well, dang, tell us how you really feel. The resident Southern Belle says she’s not going to give Kenya’s “sagging diaper donkey booty” any more energy. As Kandi says, Phaedra is “ride or die” for her hubby. I wonder how long this will last…

Meanwhile, NeNe’s appalled by Kenya’s current living conditions, especially the white refrigerator. So she hooks up the former beauty queen with her realtor. The first place they visit is a penthouse suite and the, but Kenya’s not feeling it because it’s less than 5,000 feet. Seriously? But NeNe calls her bluff and doesn’t think she can actually afford it. Shots fired.

Phaedra vs. Apollo

Phaedra accuses her husband of being jealous of their children after Apollo complains that he hasn’t seen a lot of his wife lately. He’s longing for some attention. But Phaedra is busy with mortuary school. Anyways, she confronts Apollo about Kenya and he insists nothing happened between them. Then Phaedra instructs him not to text his friends and he says “enough with the threats.” Uh, Apollo, that’s not a threat, that’s an order. Phaedra clearly wears the pants in this relationship.

In an effort to defend himself, Apollo says Kenya has been on him since day one and if he wanted to sleep with her, he would have, but he didn’t. (And you thought telling your wife that would help you how, exactly?) Apollo says he refuted Kenya’s advances.

Next week on RHOA: Phaedra is killing Apollo softly with silence; Kenya seems to have moved into a new home; and Kandi’s mama goes cray-cray on Todd. Oh, dear.

Your Turn: Do you think it’s inappropriate for a woman to text a married man and vice versa? What do you think will happen when Todd and Kandi’s mama converge? Let us know in the comments!