‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

Last week on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we left off with Apollo and Kenya having a one-on-one conversation. And, of course, Phaedra sees them and interrupts. But then the other ladies come down and the conversation gets sidetracked. Phaedra excuses herself and any smart guy probably would’ve gone after her; however, we’ve never accused Apollo of being a genius. Ugh, you just don’t get it, do you?!

The ladies explain that his loyalty is coming into question, so then he finally decides to go check on his wife and convince her to come back down with him. Uh yea, that’s not happening. No wonder there are rumors about the two getting a divorce.

The next day, Apollo approaches Phaedra with a flower and some jokes; but Phaedra is having NONE of it, so she goes back to studying for her mortuary exams. Apollo keeps trying to get her to lighten up, but Phaedra says she doesn’t trust Kenya as far as she can throw her. Ouch.

Black Brangelina?

Meanwhile, Cynthia is asking Kenya to fill her in on what happened last night. But Peter is calling foul on Kenya’s version. Miss Lawrence chimes in and says Kenya and Apollo have “Angelina and Brad chemistry.” But Kenya insists she doesn’t do “married ex-cons.” Yeah, okay…

Then, of course, Peter has to add his two cents and urges Kenya to clear the air with Phaedra. Oh, Peter wants to be a housewife SO bad!

In an effort to make nice with wifey, Apollo asks Kandi to help him plan a surprise birthday party for Phaedra. And, because we’re in Mexico, there’s a pinata. Peter urges her to hit it like it’s Kenya and out fall condoms. Umm…

Apollo makes a speech and it’s um, awkward, to say the least. He thanks Phaedra for being the mother of his two sons…and that’s it. (Crickets)

Pajama Party Part Dos

On the last day of vacation, everyone is wondering what Kenya has up her sleeve and, as it turns out, it’s a re-do of NeNe’s failed pajama party/couples’ night. Naturally, Peter…or Patricia, as NeNe calls him, asks Kenya “the one you f**cked up?”

The evening starts with pulling questions out of a hat and NeNe is asked what annoys her about another couple in the room, but instead she decides to go after Porsha. NeNe later shares that “ignorance” annoys her. But it doesn’t stop there… NeNe also goes off on Kandi because apparently Kandi asked if she still has her period. But Kandi insists she’s far from ignorant. Then Todd stands up for his woman and basically says, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

The next question for the group is: what do you consider cheating?

According to Miss Lawrence, a one-night stand doesn’t qualify as cheating. He also believes every man (regardless of sexual orientation and ethnicity) has tendencies of being a cheater. Then Miss Lawrence throws the ball in Phaedra and Apollo’s court. Phaedra, of course, has a zero-tolerance policy. Meanwhile, Apollo thinks cheating is a given in any relationship.

Todd doesn’t agree. Kenya, no surprise here, agrees with Apollo and…. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do end up together.

Ladies and Gents

Afterward, Kenya dismisses the guys to her room so the ladies can hash things out and not bring any baggage back to Atlanta.

Kenya brings up Marlo and NeNe doesn’t want to talk about it. Then Kenya moves on to the “elephant in the room.” Phaedra says she’s repeatedly ask Kenya not to talk to her husband without her and also admits she was wondering if she should smack the “dog sh*t” out of Kenya. But Kenya insists that’s not going to happen.

Phaedra also asks Kenya not to try and be their friend, but Kenya asks Phaedra not to speak for her husband, somehow insinuating she knows him better or something. Oh, boy…

Meanwhile, in Kenya’s room, Peter asks Apollo basically, what were you thinking?! And Gregg says he didn’t appreciate Peter coming up in NeNe’s face at the charity gal and that it disrespected both of them. Umm…that was two episodes ago. Why are you bringing it up now?

Back in the girls’ circle, Porsha tells Kenya it’s married folks business and she would never understand. Kenya retaliates with Porsha “admitting” to being Kordell’s beard. And a lot of back and forth ensues.

Gregg and Peter, however, get all up in each other’s faces, Todd jumps in the middle and Apollo, wisely, decides to stay out of this would-be brawl.

The ladies end with Phaedra and Kenya agreeing not to trust each other and, as they’re making their way upstairs, they overhear commotion coming from Kenya’s room.

NeNe checks Peter and tells him to stop getting in the women’s business and to “stop trying to be a damn bitch.”

Next week: We finally wrap up things in Mexico (does anyone else feel like this has been the longest season ever in the history of television?!) and everyone returns to the States. Cynthia says she’d rather not be friends with Nene and Gregg and Porsha is making “Mariah Carey” demands with Kandi’s musical.

YOUR TURN: Do you think Phaedra overreacted to Apollo and Kenya’s conversation? Is Peter consistently butting in where he doesn’t belong? Share your thoughts in the comments!