‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap

On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya’s dog, Velvet, died; Kandi was preparing for her musical, A Mother’s Love; and Mama Joyce and Todd reconciled? Okay, maybe not exactly, but at least they did have a conversation together that didn’t involve screaming. It’s a start.

This week’s episode opens with Kandi rehearsing one of the songs from the musical at home. Despite slow ticket sales, she really wants the show to be a success so her mom will see how well she and Todd work together. In other news, Todd apparently has some issues signing a prenup. Sounds like NeNe and Gregg part deux…

Meanwhile, Cynthia brought her dog to the memorial service for Velvet. Umm…was I the only one who felt this was a bit inappropriate/insensitive? Understandably, Kenya is still grieving, so her aunt leads the service and delivers the eulogy. Some may think it’s a bit much for a dog, but pets really are like members of the family so no judgment here.

Speaking of funerals and eulogies, Phaedra has officially finished mortuary school. So stay tuned for “Fabulous Funerals by Phaedra.” Because if you want to smell like hickory smoke on your way to meet your maker, Phaedra can make that happen. Say what?!

At the Bailey residence, Cynthia is attempting to get her grown and sexy on, with the help of her sister, Malorie. The sisters initiate a bit of role play so Cynthia can practice her dirty talk. But when Malorie leaves and Peter comes in, he laughs at her. Aww boo! But then again, I suppose it can be awkward trying to get frisky with the cameras rolling.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s finally opening night for Kandi and Todd’s musical, which actually sold out. Surprisingly, Porsha isn’t too shabby…but I don’t think she should plan on collecting any Tony awards anytime soon.

Obviously, we all know the musical is based on Mama Joyce and she doesn’t appear to be too thrilled. (Did you catch that side eye she gave at the end of the performance?!)

Backstage, Mama Joyce claims she likes the play…even though I feel like she’s lying through her teeth. Anyway, she agrees to disagree with Kandi and I guess that’s all you can really hope for. Whoomp whoomp. Meanwhile, Kandi’s dad Titus, gives Kandi his approval of Todd and their relationship, so there’s that. But we find out at the end of the episode that NeNe was hospitalized…yikes!

We leave off with a RHOA version of “Where Are They Now?” NeNe has recovered and is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars. Kenya is hoping to undergo in vitro fertilization with her “African prince” this summer. Porsha didn’t get any alimony in the divorce, but she is also supposedly dating an African tycoon. Phaedra isn’t representing hubby Apollo in his fraud case and Cynthia isn’t investing in Bar One. And, of course, Kandi and Todd recently said “I do” in Atlanta.

What to know what happens next? Stay tuned for part one of the RHOA reunion next Sunday! Until then, catch a sneak peek below: